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The American Infants English College (AIEC) is an American English School that uses a pure American educational philosophy as its blue print. We have carefully studied American Teaching methods in order to discover new ways of integrating a higher level of learning for students aged of 2-18 years old, with the goal of beginning a new chapter of high-end interdisciplinary American education. By adhering to the advanced culture of the United States and developing a global vision, we can change our children’s lives for the future! AIEC is strongly staffed with internationally certified American teachers, who bring created vision to professional prudence; our teachers show wisdom through open minded teaching. Innovating American education styles to develop their students international social skills, enlightening them to live an uncommon life. AIEC offers many extra circular activities throughout the year, to bring our students into contact with the outside world for more holistic approached education. They will feel the American holiday celebrations, sports and fitness activities and talent focus exercises. We are able to created more diversified educational experiences. We have build a exclusive lounge for AIEC’s parents and staff , providing a smoking room, sports satellite broadcast ,fashion nail art and leisure services. We have high definition for our comfort of our lounge. Like water silently touching flowers, we help our students to grow bright and strong through patience, encouragement and confidence, and hearing to the international educational concepts. We increase our students believe in themselves with hope, trust and praise. Through the perfect combination of theory and education, we look forward to see our students to become the elite of tomorrow. Living in an American town, and enjoy the American education. Every teacher is our education experts! Welcome to visit, welcome to join!



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