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At Berkeley House Language Center (BHLC), we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of language programs to meet the specific needs of our valued clients. As part of our commitment to quality, we ensure that we have expert knowledge of teaching techniques or industry insight so that whatever we are teaching, we have the depth of understanding necessary to achieve the best results possible for our students. With over 40 years’ experience with language learners in Japan, we have developed teaching techniques that bring out their strengths and scaffold patterned areas that need improvement. We have the unique responsibility of helping a variety of students (from business people and government officials to young language learners and their teachers and the staff who support them) learn over 40 languages, so we have created a system that allows teachers to use their training and expertise, but also keeps consistency in regard to lesson planning and teaching techniques used in the classroom. At the heart of our teaching method is the idea that our language teachers should act as facilitators as opposed to lecturers, creating a learning environment that is student-centered and promotes high student talk time even during structured and controlled practice.



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