About ESLteachers was established by a culturally diverse team of educators who are familiar with the education sector in Hong Kong and experienced in ESL teacher recruitment. Over the years, we have built an extensive professional network of school managers and international ESL teachers who have inspired us to create this online platform. We are committed to helping aspiring ESL teachers develop their international teaching career and connecting passionate teachers with local schools. Our mission is to promote language development and cultural exchange among schools in Hong Kong. Most of our team members have had the experience of living and working overseas, and we understand how daunting it can be to job-hunt in a foreign country as an expat. However, we believe that working abroad is a life-enriching experience. For ESL teachers, the experience of teaching abroad can be especially beneficial for future career development. We have created this website to encourage teachers, to help develop their career, and start a new life in Hong Kong – our vibrant and energetic city. We want to make the job seeking process less intimidating for overseas teachers by sharing ESL job openings and all the details you could ever need for your future career. We hope that this website can become a fantastic tool for anyone preparing to (or just browsing) work in Hong Kong as an ESL teacher.



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