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Imagine Preschools of Excellence is an organization of private preschools and kindergartens located in various cities throughout China. The schools provide a high quality educational experience for children from two through six years old. The philosophy of active learning and developmentally appropriate practice is a hallmark of the school’s unique offerings to parents. Imagine International School is a member of Eland International Education Group(EIEG). EIEG is an education management organization (EMO) with three decades of experience in successfully managing private schools throughout the world. Imagine and its integrated Western-Chinese model for education provide students with the opportunity for a bilingual, multicultural, international-style education, grounded in the basic requirements for success in both China and as a member of the world community. Through an interdisciplinary pedagogy based on inquiry-based learning, Imagine International School seeks to educate the new generation of children who will become global citizens who are ready to lead productive and meaningful lives. Most importantly, the IMAGINE education grants children the opportunity to discover the true power of the possible that resides within them, and to bring their own unique gifts into the world with purpose.



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