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As specialists in English language programme delivery, LCentral has developed unique, complete literacy programmes, catering to students from pre-readers to advanced English language skills (Nursery 1 to Primary 6.) LCentral is committed to providing an environment conducive to learning with programmes and methodology that are dedicated to nurturing and maximising each child's potential in the areas of literacy, learning, and leadership. LCentral takes pride in our commitment to each child's future. LCentral represents quality, integrity and essential learning necessary for future leaders in a contemporary progressive society. With our experienced team and creative learning methods unlike any other, we provide children with an unsurpassed learning experience. LCentral's activities include character development, instilling leadership skills and positive habits in young minds, grooming children to be successful, socially responsible leaders of the next generation. We believe that each child deserves the LCentral experience. We offer students an enhanced educational experience that focuses on academic success, leadership qualities and the love of learning.



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