About Tiny Tots International Pre-School and Kindergarten

Tiny Tots was founded in Shanghai in 1997 and is a well-established member of SISA, the Shanghai International Schools Association. To this day, Tiny Tots is the only English-language international-licensed kindergarten in Shanghai. Tiny Tots provides small group environments that allow each child to receive personal attention, positive reinforcement and behavioral guidance from their teacher. The school curriculum is based on the idea that making children feel successful is the key to motivating them to achieve social, academic, physical and communicative progress. The wide variety of weekly classes allows students to experience a diverse range of activities and encourages them to use a large set of different skills. Tiny Tots aims to build well-rounded, open-minded, independent and empathetic children. Tiny Tots teachers come from many different English-speaking countries. They are musicians, dancers, yogis, designers, writers, martial artists, photographers, mathematicians, scientists and more, bringing all of these skills and perspectives into their classrooms. The intimate, supportive and family-like atmosphere creates a supportive and enjoyable work environment.



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