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USAsishu was founded in 2015 in Shanghai. Until now, we have already served more than 20,000 kids and 500 ESL teachers. Our founder, Rick Yang, a Chinese-Canadian with two children, was raised in a traditional Chinese way, and has a dream of parenting kids in by combining both eastern and western values. Now, this dream is gradually coming to fruition.

We offer a unique teaching model for the Chinese family, which can assure the same schedule of an American primary school. That is why we take “Wonders-Reading/Writing Workshop” as our mainline teaching product. It is applied in California public schools and is popular among the local parents.

To meet the needs of different kinds of parents, we have several class sizes. 1-on-1 is a VIP class in which the instructor can closely follow the child’s learning path. Teacher & 2 students is a peer-to-peer class for kids to interact with one another. Teacher & 3 or 4 students is a mini-class which can have more student-student interaction.

We hope kids learning with USAsishu will excel in English Language Arts which is the main subject in America, and have an equal level as native children. And it will always be our endeavor to make it come true.



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