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Founded in 1997, Zhengzhou YunGon Education Group was incorporated into the Qualified Education Resource Multiplication Program of Zhengzhou City in 2011. The current business of the Group includes kindergarten, primary education, primary and secondary school counselling, International Education, research and learning camp education etc. The group possesses 476 employees with 2 kindergartens, 10 primary educational centers, 14 general education campus, and 7 tutoring service centers. The group has reached its business to almost every district of the city such as the Jinshui District, Zhengdong New District, Guancheng District, Zhongyuan District and so on by collaborating with vary types of educational institutions. In terms of International educational exchange and cooperation, the group provides services to the Zhengzhou Education Bureau , schools and students including but not limited to: Bringing in and management of foreign language teachers. Currently there are more than 10 teachers brought by the Group to teach English in schools. Meanwhile, the Group was privileged to sign a four-year Authorized Management Service Contract with the Zhengzhou Education Bureau aiming at bringing in 1 to 3 ESL teachers to each public school in the Zhengdong New District where there are 72 schools covering kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as well as high schools. However, only 17 ESL teachers have been brought in till now due to an inadequate sources. Therefore, a large number of ESL teachers and some art and sports teachers are in demand.



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