About Guide and Bridge Leadership Search

Guide and Bridge Leadership Search, is an international education recruitment organization that assists native English speaking professionals to secure opportunities to teach English as a foreign language throughout the world.

Accentuated with over two decades of experience in filling challenging positions, our services are highly reliable and streamlined.

During our recent hiring assignments, we helped qualified teachers who earned a CELTA, TESOL or TEFL certificate to obtain prospective teaching positions that enables teaching to younger kids and grown adults.

Currently we are working with diverse education institutes, of all sizes: in China, Korea, Indonesia, Middle East and parts of Europe and Latin America.

If you are a teaching professional seeking a role that meets your career expectations on all fronts, you have come to the right place. Guide and Bridge will find the right job for you, when we say ‘right job’ we refer what is right for the candidates in terms of compensation, benefits, aspirations, preferences and student profiles.



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