About Handskorea Recruiting

We are really excited to introduce you a teaching opportunity in Korea. Teaching in Korea is one of those rare opportunities for recent graduates to experience Asian culture while furthering their career goals in teaching. We, HandS Korea, are a recruiting agency located here in Seoul with prominent clientele from public and private education sectors. Education of English is a hot commodity in Korea, and many educational institutions are looking for dedicated teachers who enjoy working with students. Our objective is to provide you with an opportunity to experience Korea while working with other passionate teachers who share your enthusiasm and principle for education. From public high schools to private kindergartens, almost all educational institutions in Korea demand quality English education from qualified and dedicated teachers. HandS Korea is working with many prestigious institutions all over Korea that value teachers’ commitment and talent they bring to their organization. With our diverse spectrum of clients, HandS Korea connects teachers with most appropriate institutions where the teachers’ experience and talents may be utilized to its fullest. We do not charge any fee for recruiting to graduates.



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