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Since the establishment,Huieryangacademy has focused on the demand of foreigners in China in areas of study, work and life. After years of unremitting efforts and sustained growth,We have founded several core service centers for foreigners, including the Center of Foreign Teacher Service, Language Training, Visa Translation Service, Education Consultancy and International Cultural Exchange. With the support of Hualang Education Group, Chengdu Hualang Education Co. has founded a language training center called the Huier YANG Academy, committed to providing professional foreign teacher dispatch services for educational institutions at every level - foreign language training institutions, enterprises, public institutions, and government agencies. We offer courses in sinology and various languages, including English, French, Japanese and Korean. Additionally, we offer individually-tailored private language courses and arts and sports coaching by foreign teachers. We carry out multiple cultural exchange activities, study tours for teenagers and overseas study services in collaboration with prestigious foreign universities. YANG Academy provides foreigners with visa translation services, Chinese courses, Visa service, Assistance with TEFL or TESOL and Employment Guidance or Job Offer.



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