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0 Year

Job Category(s)

Nursery/Kindergarten,Middle/Junior High School,Teaching Adults

Nationality Requirement

Native English Speaker


8000 - 12000 Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY) monthly

Employment Type


Education Requirement

Bachelors: Non-English

Certification Requirement


Job Description

We are a very laid-back and friendly work environment!  We let you choose which contract you want: 15 hours a week, 20 hours a week, or 25 hours a week!  

We have students from kindergarten - high school and soon we will open some adult classes!

Kindy classes are 30 minutes each and you will always have a Chinese teaching assistant to help you in the class!

Our adult classes and young learner classes at our Thomas School branch are 1 hour in length, as are our 1 on 1 lessons!  We have a few branches here in this small city but we will not schedule you to work at more than 2 branches in a week as a general rule!  (We do some other activities as well, for example, we schedule our teachers to hold English corners in the school, or at the local bookstores, as well as promotional activities.  We also offer give weekly English lessons to our school's Chinese staff to help them improve their English!  These activities can be held in a variety of locations, but for your main teaching, you'll only be in 1 or 2 schools.)

Because our main focus is on having happy teachers, we listen to and try our best to honor teacher's requests when possible.  One thing we are sure of is that you will be treated very kindly and greatly appreciated here in our school!  

Morning lessons start no earlier than 8:30.  Lunch break is generally at least 2 hours.  Not all of your hours scheduled will be teaching.  We also set aside time for lesson prep, weekly meetings, and other miscellaneous activities. 

Our school provides free lunch to our teachers as well!  

All teachers in our school get 2 consecutive days off.

Medical insurance is covered.  Z-visa is covered.  Accommodations are spacious, private and free (utilities included).  

The city itself is somewhat small but there's plenty to do - and when I say small I mean by Chinese standards.  There are still about 3 million people here.  

If you crave some Western food, we have a few Western restaurants here as well as a KFC and Pizza Hut.  

If you are interested in learning Chinese, this is a good area to study because in the northeast of China they speak clear Mandarin, unlike southern China.  We can also arrange a teacher for you, free of charge.  

All in all, it's a great place to work!  Our main priority is making sure we all have a friendly, happy, supportive workplace!  

Job Requirements

Candidates with a BA or higher degree and a TEFL (or equivalent), we want to hear from you!

Job Benefits

Contract Options (and monthly salary):

15 hours per week - 8000 RMB

20 hours per week - 10000 RMB

25 hours per week - 12000 - 13000 RMB

We provide you with:

Private apartment (utilities included), washer, basic home furnishings, Z-visa, health insurance, end of contract bonus

One of the unique things about our school is that the foreign teachers' supervisor is American and can cut out many of the usual stresses associated with working in China.  No last minute surprises or schedule changes here in our school!  We also have an open door policy - so if you need to talk about anything at anytime, it's totally welcomed!  Any questions about anything - just ask!  

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26 - 50

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Victoria House of Foreign Languages has been open since 2001 and we are located in Northeastern China. We have students of all ages - from 3 all the way up to adult learners! We offer a big city salary in a small city, making it easy to enjoy a very nice standard of living as well as being able to save money. We have 3 different contracts available for your convenience: 15-hour, 20-hour, or 25-hour! We provide free private accommodation, health insurance, and support to all of our teachers! It's safe to say that you won't find another place like this to work in China!