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Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company

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0 Year

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Training Institute

Nationality Requirement

Native English Speaker


11,500 - 12,000 Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY) monthly

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Education Requirement

Bachelors: Non-English

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Job Description

Modern, upscale, privately owned English language training center requires international English language learning instructor to instruct Chinese children. Maximum of twenty, forty five minute classes to be worked each week. No office hour requirement. English speaking school management and co-workers will assist you throughout your working time. Good, clean, modern and fully appointed one bedroom apartment provided for your use with gas, water, electricity, Internet and drinking water paid on a monthly basis by your employer. All taxes paid by your employer. Good working environment. Vibrant expat community. Modern city with all Western conveniences, good shopping, fine restaurants and many familiar fast food options. 

Job Requirements

At your own expense, you must provide a medical clearance form from your doctor or HMO. Also, at your own expense, you must provide a clearance form from your local police station to state that you have no criminal record or have a clean criminal history for the past seven years if you have charges on your record. No criminal offences involving children or drugs, please. 

You must remain drug free during the duration of your employment. Should you have a tattoo or tattoos on your face, neck or hands, you must cover these with cosmetics to be purchased at your own expense. Other tattoos must be covered with clothing. 

Cigarette smoking is not permitted while you are instructing your lessons. A smoking lounge in the school is provided where you will be able to smoke, should you choose to do so, in between your lessons.

Bachelor's Degree in any discipline required. Your love of kids is more important than any previous working experience.  

Job Benefits

Pay is 14,000 RMB per month before taxes are paid by your employer and before utilities in your apartment, Internet and drinking water are paid. Your minimum guaranteed salary will be 11,500 RMB per month and could be raised up to 12,000 depending upon your use of gas, water and electric. 

All Chinese holidays paid.

Complimentary airline tickets to and from the city where you'll be working in the People's Republic of China or train tickets should you already be in the country. 

Honest, good employer. You'll be treated fairly without any funny business. 

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Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company is among the leading international education marketing services companies in today's People's Republic of China, The mandate of this company is to send Chinese students abroad for short-term learning opportunities, English language learning enrichment camps and longer term placement in foreign schools for a minimum of one semester. Domestic partner schools which send their students abroad through Henan Maple's Bridge Education, Science and Technology Company have requested our assistance in recruiting international English language learning instructors to come to instruct their students in locations throughout Mainland China. Opportunities for international instructors range from nursery school instructors (ECEs) up to senior high school instructors. All employers are elite schools within their sector and foreign employees are treated as VIPs within their schools.