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Job Details

Number of Positions



2 Years

Job Category(s)

Elementary/Primary/Junior School,Middle/Junior High School,High/Secondary/Senior School

Nationality Requirement

Native English Speaker


8000 - 10000 Chinese Renminbi Yuan (CNY) monthly

Employment Type


Education Requirement

Bachelors: Non-English

Certification Requirement

Trinity CertTESOL

Job Description

Any TESOL or TEFL qualification is okay. A Technikon Diploma of 3 years is also acceptable.

Job Requirements

See Advertisement below.

Job Benefits

Four months paid holiday. English speakers required to teach Oral English in a well-respected and successful private

school in Xinjiang County, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, China.

Couples extremely welcome.

Where is the school? 

HaiQuan School is located in a small countryside town in Xinjiang County part of Yuncheng Municipality District, Shanxi Province. Xinjiang County is located south, south west of Taiyuan, the Provincial capital of Shanxi, which can be reached in 2 hours by high speed train. To the south west of Xinjiang is Xi’an, a popular tourist city, the home of the famous Terracotta Warriors, which is also 2 hours away by high speed train. Yuncheng city is closer, accessible by local bus 1.5 hours, or high speed train (20 minutes). Lots to see and do in this vicinity! Visit the Yellow River, go hiking in the mountains, cycling clubs, nice Parks, enjoy the ambiance of rural village life in the countryside, or enjoy the faster pace and the shopping and western restaurants in Xi’an, Yuncheng or Taiyuan on a weekend. All basic things can be bought in Xinjiang, or shop on the Internet for Western foods or other requirements.

When would you be required to start?

The English teaching positions are required to start in mid August 2018 for the new Chinese school year. The school year will finish in about middle June 2019 depending which grade you teach. An ongoing renewable annual contract will be offered if the teacher demonstrates professionalism and competency. The school would like successful candidates to stay for at least two school years as it costs the school a lot of money to employ teachers, visas, set them up, etc.

Free modern well equipped apartment is supplied:

Incl. water, gas, electricity up to RMB200 per month. Underfloor heating, air conditioner, 2 bedrooms, sitting room, decent kitchen,decent bathroom/Washing machine, Computer, High or Normal Speed Internet +-50rmb a month at teachers expense, but you have to pay for a full year in China), TV. if required. Sun room balcony to hang your washing.

How many classes per week will I be required to teach?

20 to 22 classes per week.

(45 to 50 minutes per class), all morning and early afternoon classes are 45 minutes long. The last class in the afternoon from 16.20 to 17.10 is 50 minutes long. If you get more than 22 classes then you will get extra pay. Maximum classes would be 25 upon agreement by the teacher,if extra classes are required. Normal maximum is 22 classes per week,Monday to Friday. No weekend and no evening classes, unless the teacher wants to do this. The normal contract is only day time
classes and no weekends.

-Primary,Junior or High School (the school decide which level depending on past experience.)

-There are currently 2 English speakers teaching at Hai Quan school, both male There have been 8 Teachers some years, who stayed for many years. Young or middle aged full English speaking teachers, of either gender, are most welcome to apply. Couples also extremely welcome.


Starting rate 8000rmb/month. Plus a 8000rmb bonus at the end of the one year contract. Higher Salary is negotiable depending on past experience and after a two month probation period. Pay date is the 25th of the following month. When you leave everything is paid a week before you leave.

-Full return airfare will be paid at completion of the contract/ end of the school year, or a One Way airfare if you are not returning. The return airfare is paid when you return, to avoid people absconding.

-FULLY PAID winter holidays, and fully paid summer holiday,if you sign another year’s contract in March/April each year,(theseare paid when you return from the holidays, so that you cannot just abscond). Approximately three and a half months paid holiday per year. 5 to 6 weeks in Winter and the balance for Summer holidays.

N.B N.B. 

If Teachers start half way through the school year, the holiday pay would be pro-rata for the Summer holidays.N.B.
Not full pay as you will not have completed a full years contract/service.
Many other paid days off, due to students writing exams, concerts,sports, etc.

You will be employed DIRECTLY by the school so no dodgy employment agency / company is involved

Three,free meals daily at the school canteen if you desire, or you can cook at home.

-No teachers assistant is provided while you are teaching. You will be on your own,-you so you can basically teach whatever you like, however, teachers are expected to be well prepared and professional. Lesson Plans or Handouts are expected to be done/given out, to show what you are teaching, The school have a Printing Department to print all your lesson requirements.

-class sizes range from 45 to 60 students. Experience in Classroom Management is essential.

-you can easily save money for traveling or whatever, as it’s cheap to live here. Depending on your personal life style it’s possible to live here on as little as 1000rmb/month or less.

What Hai Quan School requires:

-Candidates from either the UK, Ireland, Australia or NewZealand, USA, Canada, or South Africa. (Skype interviews will be conducted to check accents, ask questions, etc.)

-University or College degree/diploma (needed for working visa). TEFL, TESOL or ESL Certificate required. The latter is not required if you are a fully Qualified Teacher. by profession.

-Release Letter with recommendation from your school if already employed in China.

-school also provides full health insurance and accident insurance.

-school does ALL the paperwork for your visa but it takes time, 2 – 3 months. They also pay for your visa and medical examination required to get your visa approved.

We would like people to commit for at least two years, due to the cost of bringing people to the school, although only one year contracts are given at a time, due to Chinese policy.

Why is Hai Quan School looking for English teachers?

The school’s student intake grows every year. We have been employed at the school for five years. The school has many top students, and is well known and respected. If you have any questions feel free to contact either of us, or send us all your details that are required. These include Application letter, Copy of Passport, C.V. With full background, Qualifications included, photo, etc. Any references relating to your background, teaching style, school references, or suchlike. If you do not hear from us within two weeks please


your application as unsuccessful.


Dinning. (British/South African)     Guy
Edwards. (Australian).


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151 - 200

Company details

Well-respected and successful private school in Xinjiang County, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, China. Have had foreign teachers for the past 14 years. They know what we want, treat us well, and have had many long-term teachers over the years. See advertisement for more details.